Great American Sign has been part of the vinyl wrap game since 2005. We are Knoxville's original wrap shop, and have been offering professional and custom vinyl solutions for cars, trucks, boats, business vehicles, business storefronts, and personal projects for over a decade. We learned early on that vinyl films are the future of business branding and vehicle customization, and more. We are wrappers with a passion to offer the highest quality vinyl solutions in East Tennessee and beyond. We deliver high quality car wraps, boat wraps, wall wraps, large format printing, banners, decals and many more products. Our professionally trained staff allows us to deliver quality service to all types of clients from local Knoxville business owners to all kinds of vehicle enthusiasts.

        When shopping for a wrap, remember that while price is important it should always come second to the quality of the install. The difference between a quality and a cheap material could be quite a few years of life! Many places can install wraps, but it really does take special knowledge, skills, and tools to do it right. Although there is crossover between sign shops and wrap shops, they are not always perfect substitutes. At Great American Sign Company we decided years ago that we would not just be a sign shop installing wraps as a value added product, but we would instead put in the time and investment it takes to truly become East Tennessee's premier wrap shop. This ranged from taking classes by the Wrap Institute taught by world renowned instructor Justin Pate, to passing wrap certification tests such as Avery-Dennison’s CWI certification, to experimenting on our own vehicles and walls with many different types of material and laminates, all the way to moving our facilities to a location with an on-site, climate controlled garage specifically for wrapping. The results have been amazing and we truly feel we can design and install the greatest wraps in Knoxville.